Cowboys Fan Runs The Field After Reading A Life-Changing Text

Well that’s what happened recently to one American while he was watching his favorite team play. At times it is impossible to separate a fan from watching their sport and it is only in the direst of circumstances that this will happen, nevertheless that is what happened in the Cowboys’ stadium mid game.

Ben Harper from Dallas, Texas was excited enough to be watching his team play that afternoon and his preparation was much the same as any previous game. Getting up early, exercising, preparing his pre-game snacks and calling up his buddies a few hours before the game, everything seemed normal. Ben's partner of 2 years always let him go off with the guys and watch the game so long as he came home at a reasonable hour, she said goodbye and off he went.

The Cowboys were performing well but it was a closely contested game and in the midst of a tense play, Ben decided he could look and that’s when he checked his phone. He noticed a text from his partner Anna, which is unusual as she would never text during a Cowboys game so thinking it was important he opened the message. His heart dropped. The message said simply.

“Ben, you are going to be a Dad”

After he read what the text said he completely lost it and just could not control his happiness and excitement, and before he knew it he was running as fast as he could. He ran down the stairs and managed to jump over the billboards and onto the field. He was seen screaming, laughing and smiling while he avoided the security. In a interview after the field interruption Ben simply said “I just couldn’t contain my happiness, the only way was to run, I was in a daze and didn’t even realize I was on the field”

Ben was given no punishment for his field interruption due to the wonderful circumstances. “I didn’t even finish watching the game, I didn’t care who won I just wanted to see my partner”.

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