Homeless Canadian handing out resumes in busy intersection gets over 200 job offers - decides not to take any of them…

After standing on a street corner and asking strangers for employment, one homeless man in a busy intersection in Toronto has been overwhelmed by job offers.

David Chavez, a college graduate in his 20s, was spotted holding a sign that read, "Homeless hungry 4 success take a resume." He was handing out his resume to motorists in Mountain View, California -- where Google is headquartered -- and hoping to make a job connection.

Chavez moved to Toronto several months ago, seeking a job in the tech industry. He recently ran out of money and said he had to get creative to get noticed, according to Canadian News.

"I wanted to be in the Toronto with all of the other tech companies. If you want to compete and play with the big dogs, you'd better come out here," he stated.. "I was like, 'Let me try something to stand out.'"

The sign and perseverance paid off. After a woman shared a photo of Chavez with his sign, as well as his resume, on social media, he has been inundated with people trying to help.

When asked how many job offers he's received, Chavez said he's lost track.

"I would say it's way more than 200 at this point. Lost track as my inbox has been flooded," Casarez told CNN.

2 weeks after standing in the busy intersection and reviewing countless job offers, he decided not to take any of the jobs given to him.

When asked why, David simply stated he needed to take care of personal family issues first.

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