Simple Strategies to Staying Well

If you are one of those people that loves to help others and loves to be around those who my need your help what I am about to suggest may seem counter intuitive but please, hear me out.

If you like helping others you should think about helping yourself first. Isn’t that the wrong thing to think when we should think in terms of showing concern for others ahead of yourself? Not necessarily. And here is why. Most times when we are helping others we are helping people who are older, sick with some ailment or some other need. Often they may have microbes that are making them sick or at least they have an infection that you could be exposed to. So if you are not careful while you are helping your friend, those microbes might be helping themselves to you! And when you are sick you can’t help anyone.

So when I say to take care of yourself first, I mean to make sure that your immune system is taken care of so that you can stay healthy and you can continue to help those you love.

There are surprisingly simple ways that you can boost your immune system and keep it working for you.

Watch what you eat.

We know we should eat our fruit and vegetables but do you know that the more colorful the vegetable the more micro nutrients and other good things there is in them? The more colorful, the better. Have as wide a variety of colorful fruit and vegetables as you can.

The immune system does not work well without protein. Some protein must be included with every meal.

We should also include these “Medicinal Foods” in our diet: Turkey, or Tahini, and Tofu.

Mushrooms are a great source of zinc and selenium.

Why not borrow the microbe fighting properties of most plants? They live in the dirt so they have to be able to fend off microbes in their environment. Ginger and Echinacea are 2 that come to mind but there are others as well.


Staying well hydrated is a must especially in drier climates.

Steamy and hot drinks can clear sinuses. Does chicken soup come to mind? It should.
On the other hand, a 30 second cold shower after a warm shower has provided some surprising benefits including a healthier immune system.

Other ways of taking care of yourself first are out there but this should give you a taste of how you can take care of you first so you can better take care of others.

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