• $23.00

If you’re looking for a tartan umbrella this really has to be the king of tartan umbrellas. Superb quality tartan golf umbrella – very large, very strong, very Scottish!

This modern golf umbrella features a flexible fibreglass frame and a wonderful windproof spring. Perfect when you’re waging war on the wind! It’ll take some doing to turn this beast of a brolly inside out. But even if it does invert, it will still survive thanks to its windproof shock absorbing canopy spring and super flexible fibreglass ribs.

Not only this, but with its soft touch handle you’ll think you were holding the smoothest silk! This nylon canopy tartan umbrella really makes the perfect accessory for when you are out and about in challenging weather. The quality of the print has to be seen to be appreciated. Battle the elements and hike in the Highlands with ease with this trusty tartan umbrella.